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A story behind the Crown & Candle.


Meet Yonna,26

Hello Queens,

Welcome to our page.

I am Dameyonna Willis 26 I am the Founder of Queen IAM, Queen IAM is a Girl Empowerment Organization founded in 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. Queen IAM goals are to expose young ladies to future possibilities. While still supporting and guiding young queens through the daily challenges of being a young lady. My journey started off as providing programming in the different communities all over Cleveland. I travel to various schools and youth organizations interacting and engaging with young girls. Creating curriculum and activities to teach young queens all about self-love. Building long lasting relationships while young queens understand the importance of their crown. I have work with youth for eleven years and always enjoy creating safe spaces for young queens to be their selves. My education background includes Associate of Arts from Cuyahoga Community College, with a Bachelors in Non-Profit Administration from Cleveland State University. I am a busy but balance mommy to two small children. I love spending time with my family and creating memories. I am a True Foodie, I love new restaurants in new places, traveling to try tasty food is one of my favorite things to do.

Queen IAM has grew bigger than I ever imagine, from recreation centers to large auditorium filled with 100’s of girls. I have been blessed to plan events and workshops focused on four core areas that we would like to think plays a role in these young queens’ journey.

Four Core Areas
1.Financial Literacy
2.College & Career Readiness
3. Service Learning
4. Health & Wellness

These different attributes along  with the development and growth of self-love and self-worth has hep these young queens crowns truly glow., From College Tours to Service Learning Field Trips ,, Queen IAM is truly one of a kind , the goal is to teach young queens to learn their  worth and wear it high and proud. The mission of Queen IAM is to Empower, Enrich and Educate young ladies everywhere. Queen IAM was created today to promote and encourage self-love, self-respect and self-understanding. We will provide mentorship, workshops and events designed to inspire individual growth. Queen IAM’s goal is to encourage young queens to know their self-worth, so they will grow into strong, confident and beautiful women



Thank you, Queens for Visiting our Page.

Stay Awhile Queens!

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