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Strawberry Cheesecake


Best seller!

It smells amazing! 

The name is Perfect! 

Who doesn’t love the scent strawberry and then we add Cheese cake! 

A perfect match! 

Our Favorites

Do you love a scent that reminds you of your favorite vacation place ?

Well you will love Blue Hawaiian.

Light this candle and escape under the Palm Trees .


Scented  Candles

  • 100% Soy

  • Bold Scent

  • Cotton Wick

  • Hand Poured

  • 48-72   Burn Time

LEARN YOUR WORTH & Wear it high & Proud

Welcome to Queen IAM Candle Collection,

Good to see your crown is on straight. We are so excited your here to pick the scent you love . Our candles have bold scents and Unique names , they are perfect for your space.

Thank you for shopping Queen!


Queen IAM Goals '

  • Prompting self-confidence and self- esteem amongst our young girls

  • •Introducing unique ways they can be leaders in their community(s)

  • •Empowering their knowledge on being a girl physically, mentally, emotionally and socially

  • •Promoting friendships and girl power

  • •Individual self-discovery

  • •Becoming better leaders in many areas of their lives.

  • •Learning their worth

  • •Creating a safe space where  young ladies can be their selves 

  • •Strong Peer Relationships

  • Support and Guiding through the daily journey  of being a girl

  • Understanding self awareness 

  • Exposing them to future opportunities 


#YASS queen!

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